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The Right Thermometer:
There are many types of thermometers, and the trick is selecting the one that is right for you.
You need to be aware of the Pros and Cons of each type so that you can select the one that
suits you exactly.
The variations are:
Contact / Non-contact
Waterproof /Non-waterproof
RTD / Thermocouple/NTC
Within these categories there are:
Non-contact -
......Adjustable emissivity vs Non-adjustable
......Suitability for the job
Contact -
......Thermocouple - for speed of reading
......RTD -platinum sensor for Accuracy
......NTC - Negative Temperature Co-efficient Resistor for price
Hold Function, Maximum, Minimum, Stabilised reading, Multiple measurements, are other
options available.
All of these variations need to be considered to determine the best instrument for your
I would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you to help you select your thermometer.