The certificate of conformity identification number has 5 digits presented as YYMDN in Base 16, or Hexadecimal.
Hexadecimal counts from 0,1~9,A,B,C,D,E,F
YY as '12' would be base 10, 16+2 or 2018
M as 'B' would be base 10, 11 or November
D is represented as Integer of DayofMonth divided by 2. eg 8th is 4. '21st of month' is B. '29th, 30th,31st' is F.
N is the number of certificate for the day.


10382 2nd[2] certificate processed on 15th/16th[8] March[3] 2016[10]
117E1 1st[1] certificate processed on 27th/28th[E] July[7] 2017[11]